Corporate Responsibility

While Alta is in the business of creating shareholder value, we believe that this can only be ethically accomplished by living up to the highest standards of corporate responsibility. In our operations, our top priorities are safety and the environment. In our community, we prioritize treating our employees, our landowners, our neighbors and our governmental authorities with respect and fairness. We emphasize transparency and open communication in our culture.


Alta is proud to contribute to America’s supply of clean natural gas. Natural gas consumption releases significantly less carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and particulates than competing energy sources. We are dedicated to protecting the environment, including air and water, in our operations. We strive to not only comply with all Pennsylvania environmental regulatory requirements, but to exceed those requirements whenever we can.

Health and Safety

Alta’s very first priority at all times is the health and safety of our community inclusive of our employees, vendors, contractors and all of our neighbors. Alta operates under clear and strict health and safety guidelines at all times. We understand that our business provides vital energy to drive our country’s economy through the use of heavy machinery, volatile substances and high pressures. Our focus is on performing this crucial task in the safest manner.


Alta is glad to be part of the northeastern Pennsylvania community. We are a significant employer in the region, and we have leased drilling rights from thousands of landowners. In addition to creating a positive engine for healthy economic growth in the area, we are committed to being good members of the community through our actions and by supporting local causes. Here is a list of local organizations that Alta supports:

  • Hyner Trail Challenge
  • Little League World Series
  • Pennsylvania Wounded Warrior
  • Pennsylvania College of Technology
  • Clinton County Conservation district
  • Lycoming County Conservation district